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"" part# 306552 by TORO / LAWN BOY


LAWN BOY SCREW S First Year Used: 1972
Last Year Used: 1993
This part is used in 116 model(s).
Model: 1015 (9" Edger/Trimmer)
Model: 3057 (Lawnmower)
Model: 3058 (Lawnmower)
Model: 4532 (Lawnmower)
Model: 5021 (Lawnmower)
Model: 5022 (Lawnmower)
Model: 5023 (Lawnmower)
Model: 5024 (Lawnmower)
Model: 5063 (Lawnmower)
Model: 5064 (Lawnmower)

Model: 5080 (Lawnmower)
Model: 5081 (Lawnmower)
Model: 5084 (Lawnmower)
Model: 5125 (Lawnmower)
Model: 5239A (Lawnmower)
Model: 5239B (Lawnmower)
Model: 5239C (Lawnmower)
Model: 5239D (Lawnmower)
Model: 5239F (Lawnmower)
Model: 5239G (Lawnmower)
Model: 5240 (Lawnmower)
Model: 5241 (Lawnmower)

Model: 5242 (Lawnmower)
Model: 5243 (Lawnmower)
Model: 5244 (Lawnmower)
Model: 5245 (Lawnmower)
Model: 5269A (Lawnmower)
Model: 5269B (Lawnmower)
Model: 5269C (Lawnmower)
Model: 5269D (Lawnmower)
Model: 5269F (Lawnmower)
Model: 5269G (Lawnmower)
Model: 5270 (Lawnmower)
Model: 5271 (Lawnmower)

Model: 5272 (Lawnmower)
Model: 5273 (Lawnmower)
Model: 5274 (Lawnmower)
Model: 5275 (Lawnmower)
Model: 5277 (Lawnmower)
Model: 5500 (Lawnmower)
Model: 5501 (Lawnmower)
Model: 6253 (Lawnmower)
Model: 6254 (Lawnmower)
Model: 6255 (Lawnmower)
Model: 6259 (Lawnmower)
Model: 6260 (Lawnmower)

Model: 6275 (Lawnmower)
Model: 6276 (Lawnmower)
Model: 6277 (Lawnmower)
Model: 6280 (Lawnmower)
Model: 6291 (Lawnmower)
Model: 6300 (Lawnmower)
Model: 6350 (Lawnmower)
Model: 7021 (Lawnmower)
Model: 7022 (Lawnmower)
Model: 7023 (Lawnmower)
Model: 7024 (Lawnmower)
Model: 7081 (Lawnmower)

Model: 7082 (Lawnmower)
Model: 7083 (Lawnmower)
Model: 7084 (Lawnmower)
Model: 7221C (Lawnmower)
Model: 7221D (Lawnmower)
Model: 7221F (Lawnmower)
Model: 7221G (Lawnmower)
Model: 7222 (Lawnmower)
Model: 7223 (Lawnmower)
Model: 7224 (Lawnmower)
Model: 7225 (Lawnmower)
Model: 7226 (Lawnmower)

Model: 7227 (Lawnmower)
Model: 7260A (Lawnmower)
Model: 7260B (Lawnmower)
Model: 7260C (Lawnmower)
Model: 7260D (Lawnmower)
Model: 7260F (Lawnmower)
Model: 7260G (Lawnmower)
Model: 7261 (Lawnmower)
Model: 7261E (Lawnmower)
Model: 7262 (Lawnmower)
Model: 7262E (Lawnmower)
Model: 7263 (Lawnmower)

Model: 7263E (Lawnmower)
Model: 7264 (Lawnmower)
Model: 7265 (Lawnmower)
Model: 7266 (Lawnmower)
Model: 7500 (Lawnmower)
Model: 7501 (Lawnmower)
Model: 8021 (Lawnmower)
Model: 8229B (Lawnmower)
Model: 8229C (Lawnmower)
Model: 8229D (Lawnmower)
Model: 8229DV (Lawnmower)
Model: 8229F (Lawnmower)

Model: 8229H (Lawnmower)
Model: 8230 (Lawnmower)
Model: 8230E (Lawnmower)
Model: 8231 (Lawnmower)
Model: 8231E (Lawnmower)
Model: 8232 (Lawnmower)
Model: 8232E (Lawnmower)
Model: 8233 (Lawnmower)
Model: 8233AE (Lawnmower)
Model: 8234 (Lawnmower)
Model: 8234AE (Lawnmower)
Model: 8235 (Lawnmower)

Please check your Owners manual for correct application and fit. This is the part description from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). As an added service, Email us with your Make, Model and Serial Numbers to confirm accuracy.

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  • Manufactured by: LAWN BOY

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